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Call screening, people who don’t just drop in and food that hasn’t been turned into a work of art. Fish with no bones and definitely no head left on. The compassionate politics of people determined to make a difference. Well made shoes. Plain watches.


Good plays that entertain in a proper theatre. Paintings I can understand or at least appreciate. The accidental humour of everyday life. The sound of the sea. Large dogs on leads.


Friends who tell me to ‘shut up’ when I mount the soapbox. Decorating the house for Christmas. Sleeping with the window open. Still owning a record player. People who know every song from ‘The Sound of Music’ and aren’t afraid to sing them.

Waugh, Mitford, Benson, Woolf, Hardy and Lawrence amongst others. Am Dram with vicars and french windows. Cats, including Mr Mong the one-eyed child substitute.


Vintage television,black and white films ( Brief Encounter), feel good musicals ( Singin in the Rain) Dusty Springfield and 50’s/ 60’s music. Victoria Wood. Les Dawson. Frankie Howerd. The ‘Carry On’ films with Hattie and Ken.


The joy of easy laughter shared with good friends., September when the countryside is at it’s best, wide open spaces or the curtains pulled tight and the glow of a late evening fire… oh and Stilton. A drop of port? Oh go then…matron. Just a small one.

Currently living down by the river and back in my home town of Newbury, Berkshire (UK) in a house with too many books and a garden that is never quite finished.


Learning to appreciate time spent alone is not time wasted but space gained.


Work is based in central London in a job that offers plenty of travel around the rest of the world…so it’s always nice to come home to a room full of books, decent chocolate and my espresso machine.


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